5 Facts You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to Get a Job in This Economy

  1. Much of the so-called “job advice” out there typically refer to job application tactics that no longer work today … yet the online job board industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits.
  2. Traditional resumes, cover letters and online job board applications are actually the LEAST effective method of getting employed today. We’ll explore what types of strategy REALLY work in a minute.
  3. “Who you know” and traditional “networking” are NOT the best way to get call backs for job interviews. I’ll tell you the exact types of unique strategies that produce 10x better results below.
  4. You DON’T need to waste your money on expensive “resume services”, resume writers, career coaches or consultants or dated, typical resume templates or other bogus and non effective job application tactics. I’ll show you how to use the power of the modern approaches to get a job, using the tools of today in more detail below.

Before we get to #5, if you didn’t do it already, make sure not to miss out on this free report with tons of career and employment tips today…

  1. Job boards and in particular, job boards that ask you to pay for access to “$100K” jobs… they’re all a complete waste of your time and money. Despite the misleading pitches and sales tactics, 97% of people that get work today, didn’t use a job board, let alone a job board they had to PAY to use … they got their jobs through REAL connections and REAL employment strategies used today. Again, you’ll learn some of their secrets and what really works below.

The Rules for getting a job have changed.  Period.

If you’re still “sending in resumes”, applying online for jobs using the job boards and hoping and praying for a call or email back for an interview, you’re doomed in today’s economy.

That might sound harsh, but it’s just the reality today.

Never before has being out of work been so expensive or cost you more than it does right now.


Never before have so many people been trying to get a job or climb to the top of the corporate ladder!


Most people still apply for jobs and approach the job search in the same way they did 15 years ago.  Millions of people are doing what you are probably doing.  And millions still (and perhaps you) are getting the same results:

Nothing.  No call backs.  No interviews.  No job offers.

Being able to land the right job at the right salary in this incredibly tough market is critical for your career and your family’s finances.  You know this.  But competition for EVERY job is fierce.  If your rival gains the upper hand, the long-term consequences for you may be grave.

When you prevail, the benefits of securing the job you want at the pay you need to gives you the advantage. Successful job applicants, using the new, successful modern approaches to getting jobs are still in control their own destiny.

Even in the present job crunch, it is still possible to get employed quickly. There are job applicants that have the upper hand.  They get the interviews and offers.  They get the jobs they want at higher rates of pay.  They have the inside track on how to do this effectively.

Nevertheless, I can’t stress this enough: If you are going to prosper this year in this job market…. Prepare to change your approach.

If having a job is oxygen for your life (isn’t if for us all?), don’t you even think about doing “what you’ve done in the past” to get a job.  The competition is incredible.  And somebody is hungry to take what’s yours.

If you stumble even for a minute, dozens of competitors are positioned to pounce.

If you KNOW how to apply for jobs, using the modern techniques of today, you CAN succeed in your job search.  You can get the job you want at the pay you want.  But you have to know how.

That’s why my team of HR professionals and professional recruiters and I have created the New Rules of Employment

Whether You’re Looking For a Job or a Career Change We Will Help You Learn What Works Today.

How I would love to take everyone back to the “golden days” of job searching when you could just send in a resume or apply online via the job boards like monster or dice and get called in for an interview.

But time moves in only one direction and it’s not 2004 anymore. Back then you could send in three or four job applications and trounce your competition.

Today your blade needs to be a whole lot sharper.

Today, 50% of the jobs available are exposed to only 3% of the applicants and by this time next year the number will be 70% of the jobs.

Think about that.  One year from now, 70% of the jobs available will not be known to 97% of the applicants. Why?  Because jobs aren’t going to those that simply apply for them, they go to people hiring managers and recruiters actively FIND online, or KNOW through someone they trust. 

Yeah, I know, that’s not happy-happy, joy-joy. It’s not what you want to hear. But if you know me, you know I tell it like it is. I won’t send you into battle with plastic swords and helmets. I arm my clients with the best and latest information and I have redoubled my commitment with this latest salvo.

OK, so I’ve told you the bad news. Here’s the good news:

  1. Being in the know of where to find and get the 50-70% of the jobs available is NOT rocket science. It simply requires that you create a marketing and brand strategy to be found and known by the right people:  hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters.
  2. There’s a LOT of people looking for jobs that don’t know this. People who are blind, naked, ignorant or clueless. Outperforming the bottom 90% of job applicants out there is NOT as hard as it sounds. In fact it’s reduced to having a state-of-the art career strategyand a few advanced tactics in your employment bag of tricks.
  3. A well-built career system and approach is harder to knock off than ever before.Yes, you can use the ways of the past, but your results will continue to be the same or diminish over time. The reality is that you must adjust from the mindset of the past where it was “who you know” to the modern “who knows you”, and the New Rules of Employment reveals these adjustments to you.
  4. The traditional resume, cover letters and as you’ve known them, are dead. So is networking as you’ve known it.  The modern approaches of today, using social media, your smartphone, networks and other web 2.0 tools are easy to understand, and what is used on the HR/hiring and recruiting side of the equation.
  5. The New Rules of Employments arms you with updated strategies, tactics and step-by-step techniques no traditional approach can replicateand most of your competitors will not deploy.

Alright, here’s what make’s The New Rules of Employment different:

We have created FOUR Employment Modules that fine-tune your game plan in the New Rules of Employment system. Let me tell you about the modules:

Module One:  The Tools Module

Jeff Schultz has been on the cutting edge of what tools work in the job markets today as a corporate recruiter working in Dublin Ireland and New York City. 

He’s conducted research with successful job applicants over the past 12 months on what tools they utilized that work to help improve their job search, application, interview and negotiation efficiency. This man is no slouch.

One of the things he exposes is that the way successful job seekers use tools available to them when compared to those that just “submit resumes” is amazingly different.

That’s bad enough, but that alone is not the problem.

The problem is, without using tools to help connect and create relationships, monitor their online reputations, keep their marketing and distribution effective, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for the job seeker today to effectively position themselves in the marketplace or secure new opportunities.

Which means you’re working really hard by applying to jobs online in the traditional way, while job applicants that leverage the right tools and use the modern approaches, put their efforts on auto-pilot and clean your clock 24/7.

As we’ve said before, if you’re still “sending in resumes”, applying online for jobs using the job boards and hoping and praying for a call or email back for an interview, you’re doomed in today’s economy.

And if you don’t change your approach, there’s little you can do to compete.

I’ve been intrigued about the increasing evolution of online tools, software and technologies for job seekers, which is why Jeff reveals…

  • The “Efficiency” paradigm of emerging tools and technology – directly borrowed from the customer relationship management industry and adapted to today’s digital technology for job seekers
  • Jeff’s streamlined, hard-numbers “airline cockpit” and what gauges you should watch with an eagle eye as you develop a career approach that gets you noticed by hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters.
  • Insider tools of the job/career industry trade that you need to know – without them you are lunch meat
  • Which social media tools and online software work best for beginners, vs. systems for advanced career planners
  • The career “food chain” and what most applicants never consider regarding increasing their chances finding jobs available to them
  • Multiple career positioning models using the right tools: Facebook; Online career management tools; Blog tools; LinkedIn tools; Online and Offline; Email tools; Contact management tools; What mobile apps to use. Each has PROS and each has CONS and we discuss them in detail.

Module Two:  The Awareness Module

I’ve known Elisa Palmer for ten years and she’s one of the sharpest people in the executive search business, especially with regards to helping people create awareness of themselves in their field of expertise.

This is a game changer.  Creating awareness is one of if not the key element that separates all applicants from top applicants and she’ll show you how to do this, quickly and easily in about 15 minutes a day.

In this module, you’ll learn how to become “known” in your industry, speciality and area of expertise.  As we’ve mentioned before, who knows YOU is a major key to success today and we’ll show you how to become known to the right people, in the right companies, in the right way.

What we cover in this module:

  • The most common reason why people fail to get noticed by employers, recruiters and HR hiring mangers – and how to change it
  • Elements of the “job board” world – lies that most applicants fall for, and the signature of the “exclusive $100K job board” scams
  • The right way to create awareness– totally counter-intuitive to 3/4ths of the population (and why you can make this work for you for the rest of your working career!)
  • The #1 habit you MUST form, which virtually guarantees success once you’ve understood your career supply and demand balance.
  • A true professional’s version of “Brand Awareness 101? – steps that are absolutely MANDATORY for every job applicant, before you spend a single dollar on traffic
  • A weird little quirk she’s seen in just about every successful job applicant use for near instant success with respect to personal brand awareness.


Module Three:  The Positioning Module

Many an amateur job seeker assumes that all you need is a resume, a cover letter and you can post away on the job boards and eventually, you’ll get a call back.


Resumes and cover letter used to be (pre 2007) the way you “positioned” yourself in the job market.

No longer.  In fact, the traditional resume has been ditched.  We’re not the only ones that think this.  Management consultant gurus like Seth Godin and Tom Peters say the same thing.

Whatever you decide, you should look at your brand’s power as an exercise in new-look résumé management — an exercise that you start by doing away once and for all with the “résumé.” You don’t have an old-fashioned résumé anymore! – Tom Peters

Great people shouldn’t have a resume. Here’s why: A resume is an excuse to reject you. Once you send me your resume, I can say, “oh, they’re missing this or they’re missing that,” and boom, you’re out. Having a resume begs for you to go into that big machine that looks for relevant keywords, and begs for you to get a job as a cog in a giant machine. Just more fodder for the corporate behemoth. That might be fine for average folks looking for an average job, but is that what you deserve? – Seth Godin

Today, positioning yourself is MORE important than ever before because how your talent and message is delivered is vital and once delivered to the right audience (recruiter, hiring manager, etc) there still has to be a message that connects.  That’s the modern day positioning that successful job seekers conduct.

The right positioning is still crucial.

Your “brand”, your message still has to have a hook.

Recruiters, HR staff and hiring pepole still need to do analysis to get to the core of the story and your reason for being.

And I gotta tell you, when we interviewed successful job seekers, positioning one’s skills in the market, the right way, was the core of their success.

You must make this count, because attention spans are shorter than ever. (Notice how I got right to the point in this sales letter? No wind-up, no beating around the bush. Just a pressing, urgent message.)

In the Positioning module, we give you the best shortcuts and describe how you can map out and implement the entire positioning strategy and how market positioning really works in Web 2.0.

Module Four:  The Distribution Module

This is the selling module.  If you don’t think you need to sell yourself, think again.  

That’s what an interview is.

The first three modules get you ready, develops your brand and positions you in the marketplace.  When you do that correctly, get ready, because that’s when the emails and phone calls start to have you interview.

And what about interviews?  Has that changed?

Yes.  And there is a LOT to learn here.  Corporate America has gotten really good at using interviews to weed out candidates.  In fact, we have recruiter colleagues that give courses to hiring managers on the “art of the interview” where the entire premise is to DE-select candidates.  We know.  We’re in the HR and recruiting business and we’ve attended then!

The sad fact is, often times, the best-qualified candidate on paper doesn’t typically get the position.

Our research bears this out: 72% of the time, the hired candidate met fewer than half of the job qualifications.

There are even courses about interview questions, “trick” and legitimate to see how job candidates handle them.  Lots of changes have been made in the psychology of interviews and typically, the interviewers have all the cards.  Well, no longer.

The good news is, there are MANY dimensions to the interview, many ways to successfully sell yourself and many ways to reverse the power of the interview that puts YOU in control.  It’s what the successful applicant knows today.

Those that perform better in the interview win.  They win because they exhibit four core qualities that separate themselves from the pack.  The four qualities?

  1. They sell themselves better
  2. They are the least intimidating
  3. They ask the best questions
  4. They listen more than other applicants

And guess what?  We will show the secret of doing these four things effectively and phenomenally better than your competition.  (Tease:  It can be summed up in twelve simple words.)

Additionally you’re going to learn about how to follow up (like no one else and to the amazement of everyone); how to establish and grow your network IN THE INTERVIEW that will lead to further relationships whether you accept the job or not.

How to evaluate your worth; properly negotiate your salary in the web 2.0 era

How to evaluate the offer; what to ask; what NOT to ask and when to stay quiet…

How to get over rebuttals to your salary needs; what you need to do and say to position your salary increases without really trying.

Plus, discover who should make the first move in the negotiation and why you should NEVER answer the question “what kind of salary are you looking for?”(yes, that’s right!).

But Don’t Pay Now…
Try it First, Start Seeing Your Career Options Change, and THEN Decide

I know you may still be wondering if this Program will work for you… and give you the job or job options that you want and need.  But we’ve said it twice already:

If you’re still “sending in resumes”, applying online for jobs using the job boards and hoping and praying for a call or email back for an interview, you’re doomed in today’s economy.

That’s why I decided to let you “Try it first and decide later”.

I put together a simple and easy 21-day Trial-Program for you.  Here’s how it works…

  1. Instantly download the complete New Rules of Employment programtoday with this Trial-Offer.
  2. Pay nothing today, except for the nominal $4.95 processing fee.
  3. Begin applying some of the unique New Rules of Employment career techniques… start getting your career on track… try out the innovative job strategy, tactics and methods we show you that can be done easily and quickly… and watch as you start to notice measurable results in the first couple of weeks.
  4. As long as you don’t decide to cancel within 21 days, the remaining $35.00 investment in your career(the initial $4.95 processing fee is applied towards the normal $39.95 price) will be billed to you at 21 days from today.  You will NEVER be billed again after this remaining $35.  Of course, if you decide to cancel, it’s as simple as emailing us any time within the 21-day trial period.  It’s that easy!

On top of that, the 60-day Money-Back Guarantee still covers you if you decide at any time that the program is not working for you… Although, the program WILL work for you if you apply the techniques.

Click here to download the “Try it First, and Decide Later” New Rules of Employment System Trial Offer


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The New Rules of Employment

…Arms You With A Slew Of Powerful New-Tools And Ideas, Including:

  • Dramatic new simplification: Replace heavy-lifting of spamming out your resume to anyone and everyone with precision techniques that tell you the exact company and person to target at each company for nearly ANY job you desire.
  • A method that can increase your job pursuit efficiency by 30% to 60%, almost instantly
  • Find out what employers and companies really feel about you and your application/approach.
  • How to consistently be the ONLY one that appears on thousands of new online talent searches and get interviews and offers from the people and companies you want to be in business with
  • How one of our customers cut his application efforts by 80% with no loss of momentum
  • A maddening, yet extremely subtle mistake job applicants make in their approach and information, which kills their chances of an interview
  • A feedback loop that increases follow-up conversations after the meeting by 500%
  • A formula for nailing interviews each and every time.
  • The #1 Job Seeking improvement technique of all – period.
  • Four levels at which your application and information is see – you can use all four at the same time
  • The best job application approaches/interview/follow up techniqes of the modern era used by thousands of successful applicants
  • Why you never get a straight answer from the hiring manager or HR specialists and what to do about it
  • How to set up Conversation Tracking and eliminate efforts that bring you crappy interviews, offers or little results
  • A perfect way to visualize what recruiters/HR folks/hiring managers go through so you can “think” like they think. It’s sort of like giving every company/hiring manager a personality test for every job you’re interested in.
  • How to go to school on the smartest job applicants in the world – some of whom are right our of college but use the right techniques to find jobs and get jobs today (never underestimate how smart the “young people” might be!  They are your competition after all…)
  • How to BEST use LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ together and in concert with other social media the way recruiters and companies do to match people with jobs. (Knowing how to do this effectively is a KEY piece where nearly all applicants fail.)
  • How to make two small changes to your salary negotiation that can get you more salary without really trying…
  • Raves & Woes of using Twitter for job searches and what sleuthing you can do with it to find jobs that almost nobody knows about.

Brand New, Updated Content And Resources To Help You Secure Your Position

It goes without saying that all the screen shots, the procedures, the techniques, and the professional-level secrets we update every 60 days since writing.  We do that regularly so you’re getting the newest information. You’d expect that.

We used to sell this system for $100, but because unemployment still is so high and it’s tough on the wallet, we wanted to help out a bit by ordering today by keeping the price reasonable.

…The Bottom Line

Why would you invest in a system like this? Only 2 reasons:

  1. Because by implementing these approaches, you can get more interviews, more offers and fatter compensation than you could get without these secrets.
  2. Because by implementing these approaches, you can get more people coming to YOU with jobs instead of you beating down hundreds of doors peddling your resume.

Our customers typically reduce their job seeking efforts by 30-40%, and in some cases much more – while increasing their ability to get interviews and job offers exponentially just read the testimonials here or at the bottom of this page.

So if you’ve been paying for resume templates, or paying resume services or job coaches or career counselors, no doubt you’ve spent $100s if not a few $1000 on all of that, especially for executive positions.  Worse still, if you’re paying to access the “exclusive $100K job boards” you’ll easily save $100 – every month. Even with minor successes of an interview a week or one job offer in the coming weeks our system will pay for itself.

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“$40 For A Course On How to Get a Job?

…That’s Too Expensive!”

The biggest lie that anyone will ever tell you about getting a job is that the process is free. Nothing is free, especially not the way you HAVE to compete in the job market today. This is not 1999 anymore. If you want to get quality employment, from a solid company at the salary you need and have total control of it today, you’re going to be investing in your approach to do so.

But the job application game is not something you can afford to screw up. The hard reality is that only 3-5% of the applicants win. Most of the others are still “sending in resumes”, applying online for jobs using the job boards and hoping and praying for a call or email back for an interview. If you don’t know The New Rules of Employment, you’ll spend your time doing what everyone else is doing with the same result:  nothing. We’re going to show you the right way to do it. We’ll show you exactly how you can win.

The job market makes no guarantees.  Companies owe you nothing.  No refunds.

In fact, there was a billboard that ran last year in San Francisco that read:

“1,000,000 people overseas can do your job.  What makes you so special?”

For anything worth getting, there is going to be competition.  That’s true.  But there shouldn’t be risk.  We back our system with a 100% money back guarantee. Not everyone will learn these tactics.  But that’s ok.  You’ll be in the know.  You’ll gain the upper hand and you can do it with NO RISK. You can’t lose.

I mince no words: If you won’t invest a mere 40 bucks to learn how to do this right, you shouldn’t be applying for jobs at all.

The Best Career-Investment You Can Make

Very few business investments can pay off more handsomely than getting the job you want and need.  If for example, a person invests $40 that helps them in some way to secure a $75,000 job that they stay in for four years , that’s a $300,000 return on their $40. Tiny hinges can swing huge doors.  You just need to apply what you learn.

This is the real deal.

Don’t apply harder – get smarter about your approach.

Don’t spend more time or effort – Get more success today.

You also get some important (and free) bonuses:


We’re big believers that to succeed in business AND in life you have to take fast action, so to make sure your actions today get you everything you need to succeed, we’re including three new special bonuses for 2012 to really help you gain that competitive edge in today’s market.  A total value added of $135 as well!  You get:

Bonus #1:  The Best Job Tactics Leveraging Twitter.  Again, this was compiled from our panel of successful job seekers, HR managers and recruiters and it allows you to setup Twitter as a constant stream of new job opportunities and connections into key job personnel in an easy to implement and automated way.  (A $57 value)

Bonus #2:  The Top 20 Resources for Managing Your Reputation.  When prospective employers are searching for you, what do they find?  These tools will help you manage that so you are ONLY seen and found in the most positive way.  (A $40 value)

Bonus #3:  The Most Effective Facebook Pages for Jobs.  We’ve chronicled the most trafficked and effective Facebook pages in the world that help you find jobs.  Companies have jumped on Facebook for finding qualified candidates.  Our report gives you the absolute most effective and active Facebook recruitment pages in the world.  (A $38 value)

Ready to invest in YOU?

Yes?  Then without any obligation take back control of your career trajectory, and let us proudly send you the New Rules of Employment career system.  Note that you’re getting this career system as an immediate download and if you are not 100% satisfied you may return at any time within eight weeks for full money back.

You also understand that you’re going to be sent ABSOLUTELY FREE, the three bonuses we referenced above (a $135 value), yours to keep as just for trying the New Rules of Employment.  Click the “add to cart” button below and let’s get started!

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My Simple, No-Hassle, 2 Part Money-Back Guarantee:

  1. If you’re unhappy with this course for any reason, tell me within 30 days for a full and courteous refund.
  2. If you implement my strategies and you don’t improve your job prospects by an absolute minimum of 25%, tell me within 60 days for a full, no-hassle refund. (Many, many customers have told us they’ve either gotten interviews or secured new jobs before the guarantee period was complete!)

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Chris McFadden – Managing Editor, New Rules of Employment
Corporate Recruiter & Human Resources Executive

P.S. The job market today is definitely a moving target. Things can – and sometimes do – change from day to day. Because you are ordering today, you will have access to all future updates to the New Rules of Employment for the next 12 months. This will include things like new chapters, exclusive conference calls, new reports, and updated PDF files. You’ll find updates like this automatically sent to you with the email you supply during purchasing. As the target moves, we’ll help you adjust your aim so you continue to stand the best chances of winning.

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FAQ: Your Questions About the New Rules of Employment, Answered

Q: Is this program for people that are unemployed or employed and looking for a new job?

A: The New Rules of Employment works for both.  It doesn’t matter if you’re fully employed but not fulfilled in your current job or you’ve been recently laid off, fired or out of work for any amount of time, this program will help you get your next job quickly.  While the unemployment rate is hovering in and around 8%, there is an equal percentage that are either looking for a new position or are worried that their existing position might be phased out.  In either case, the New Rules of Employment will help you.

Click here to download the “Try it First, and Decide Later” New Rules of Employment System Trial Offer


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Q: What will I learn in this program? Is it about resume writing and cover letters?

A: You’ll learn more about HOW to get the job you want than you’ve ever learned before.  That’s the real concept.  Most of us change jobs, either willingly or through company reductions about 6-7 times in a career.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  But nobody ever SHOWS you how to go from your current job to the next job.  That’s exactly what the New Rules of Employment does.  It helps you understand, from the perspective of recruiters and hiring managers what it takes in today’s market to get a job.  As we’ve stated on this site, resumes and cover letters aren’t the answer.  There is so much more that you need to do in this digital age to prepare, stand out and market your abilities than ever before.  We show you precisely how to do that to get the job you need and want quickly.

Q: Is this program designed for any specific age group? I’m 57 years old.

A: No.  Don’t worry about your work history, age, sex, race or creed.  This program works for young adults right out of college looking for their first “real” job to seasoned managers and executives with decades of experience and everyone in between.  The real advantage it gives you is the inside track to what works in today’s job market from the mouths of the people that are hiring you.  The New Rules of Employment will help you get that job despite any “barrier” you feel might have held you back previously.

Q: Do I need to be computer programmer or high tech user to make this work for me?

A: Absolutely not.  There are plenty of tools available to help you in your career and job searching.  The problem is how to apply them all together, working in concert to make it work most effectively.  That’s what the New Rules of Employment provides you:  all the ingredients you need, in the amount you need, when you need them to get that job that you’re after.

Click here to download the “Try it First, and Decide Later” New Rules of Employment System Trial Offer


Click here if you would prefer to Pay in Full Today

Q: How much time will this take in order for me to get my next job?

A: Generally speaking, once you’ve digested the entire program, you’ll quickly see results and start making progress in the first 21-45 days.  A lot of that depends on you.  We’ve seen customers use the program and get a job offer in days.  (The fastest  we’ve heard from a customer to date was four days from ordering to job offer.  While that is an extreme case,  it’s not overly surprising either.)  What you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put into it.  What you’ll find with our program is how logical and easy it is to implement once you’re in the know of how the new job world and career strategies work.

Q: Help! I’m desperate. I’m tired of buying rehashed, junk e-books that tell you nothing. I’ve wasted time and money already, I’m deep in debt now and losing money fast. Can you help? Is it really possible to make this work?

A: Yes. Whether you’ve recently lost a job, been out of work more than 99 weeks or are looking to change careers, our original, step-by-step advice in this book can show you how to effectively learn and implement the new approaches to job search, application, interviews and career management. On the other hand… we can’t perform miracles. If the repo man is banging on your door at this very moment, we don’t possess some magic formula that’s gonna put you in a new job by 5 o’clock this afternoon.

(Also: If you’re looking for a get-jobs-quick, Lazy Man’s Way To Employment, fantastic-wealth-with-no-effort scheme, this book is not for you. On the other hand many of our customers use The New Rules of Employment as the basis of very successful, approach to getting a job and managing their career trajectories more effectively.)

Q: I’m nervous about ordering. Is it really safe to place an order on your website?

A: I understand that many people are still just now making their first purchases online and are still a little nervous about their credit cards on the web. These days, online payment processors have advanced to the point that they are actually MORE secure than many other forms of payment.In many ways, ordering online is actually a safer method of payment than giving out the info on the phone or on a mailer where an actual human is going to have access to your info.

With a secure online form, a human will not have access to your info, only the merchant bank.Our merchant account uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information from being viewed by any third parties. Even as the website owner myself, we don’t even have access to any credit card information that you input for the order.  Only the bank processes the information.We use Clickbank to process our orders. Clickbank is the most popular and frequently used credit card processing company in the world for online downloadable products. Clickbank has an outstanding reputation and security has never been a problem.  Read more about Clickbank security measures.

You’ll notice that when you get to the page where you are inputting your card numbers, the beginning of the web URL will change from http to https. That indicates that you are on a secure page and the info can not be found by a 3rd party. Keep that in mind on any websites where you are using your credit card. Always look for the https at the beginning of the web address on the actual page where the card info is requested.

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 Q: What is an digital e-book and how will I download it?

A: An e-book is simply a digital book that has affords you a quicker and easier method of obtaining the program you want to purchase. Instead of waiting for a physical book to come in the mail, you will be able to download the entire system in Adobe PDF format right to your computer immediately after ordering. All you need is the free Adobe Reader which already comes installed on all newer computers. However, if you have an older computer and don’t have Adobe Reader installed, it is a free download.

Just go to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html 

Our system will only take about 30-45 seconds to download if you have a high speed connection.  Once you download the ebook to your computer, you simply save the PDF file to a directory and then you can open it and either read it on your computer any time you wish, or if you’d rather, you can print it out to bring with you to read anywhere.


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More Success Stories From Happy Customers…

Yes, their stories and results may vary* (read more about our testimonials) but read for yourself to see how we’ve helped them with their job and career results:

Cecil R.Software Engineer, Dayton, OH

I was so ashamed to reach out for help because I felt discouraged with my job prospects in this economy.  I felt like a failure.  I did everything I thought I was supposed to do with education, certifications, etc.  But it wasn’t until I purchased the New Rules product that things began to change.  I felt alive.  I got hopeful.  I knew I there was a new, improved way to get jobs today that I just wasn’t aware of.  I’m aware now and more importantly, I’m employed again!*

Shelly B.Pharma Sales, San Diego, CA

Chris, I am thirty nine years old and I’ve been a pharmaceutical sales rep for the past 15 years. Reading the New Rules of Employment has completely changed my life, not just financially but mentally also. My outlook on my career has changed also. I started to read it because I was unemployed and bills were adding up, so something had to be done, otherwise I was advised by my accountant that bankruptcy was my best option.

After reading the book first, before starting any of the advanced modules, I followed the initial phase for about two weeks, and followed it to the letter, no exceptions. I was amazed how much it helped.  I was getting calls back and things were starting to move. My enthusiasm suddenly increased and I no longer felt lazy about everything in life, I was more motivated to do a lot more for once in my life than just apply to any and every job on every job board known to man.

The second step was to start “re-creating” my own career and brand and since I was more hopeful about my career than any time in the past 18 months, this was more fun than I thought. I started off slow and increased my efforts. I now have been doing so for only two months and have had great results, I have had plenty of call backs, multiple job offers and definitely a new outlook!

I now have been in my new job for a month and I feel like a new person and I now realize that without approaching job searching, application and career development in the right way by using the modern approaches to getting a job, simply sending in applications online or off is just a waste of time, I could probably say that your book has saved my life. I highly  recommend it to anyone who has or is in a situation like mine.*

Arnie K.QA Test Analyst, Detroit, MI

I have just recently started your program and I LOVE it.  I just wanted to tell you how fantastic I think your approach and lay out to finding a new job is. I’m already feeling the effects of your approach.  When I apply for a job, I get the email back.  I get phone interviews or in person interviews.  I know how to connect with people in my industry, area of expertise and develop relationships, not adding to the resume piles at companies.

Truth be told I was BORED TO TEARS with my usual approach at job searching. Not to mention it wasn’t really getting my anywhere.  Simply applying online to everywhere didn’t produce anything.  I love your approach cause it explains everything, and I am a person that needs to know the reasons for why I am doing what I am doing! I like the overall strategy and the daily tactics that get me results that I can see as opposed to what I used to do.

Following your program I am certainly getting feedback I was hoping for.  Things are definitely moving now.  It feels great. Thanks, and I will keep you posted!*

Paul V.Mechanical Engineer, Chandler, AZ

Just wanted to tell you that you really helped me.  I was applying for job after job after job online in the job boards and with my resume.  (Yes, I now know that was a huge mistake.)  But the biggest obstacle for me was overcoming the discrimination against me because I was an ‘out of work applicant.’  You helped me get around that and it’s changed my direction entirely.  Once I did that, I got the offers and now have the job.  Thanks again.*

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Denise R.(My dad is a chemical engineer), New Orleans, LA

The New Rules of Employment is just great.  I got it for my dad and I’m glad I did.  He realized that there is hope out there and that you can, as he says, teach an old dog new tricks.  Got him three interviews after the first month and a job offer in the fifth week. Just wanted to write to say thanks.*

Barbara R.School Secretary, Wilmington, NC

I wanted to let you know that I got a job offer today and it’s only because I followed the instructions to the letter in the New Rules of Employment package that made it possible.  I’ve gone from lost, bitter and angry to successful again with a job that is promising.  I can’t wait to start but I wanted to send this quick email to say thanks.*

Bill H.Controller, Memphis, TN

Your system is awesome.  That’s all I wanted to say.  I was out of work for almost two full years.  I think companies thought I was lazy.  I wasn’t lazy or unlucky.  I was just doing the wrong things to try to find and get a job.  You changed that for me.  Got my hope back and I’m back in the workforce again.  Awesome stuff.  Thanks!*

Dave M.Device Engineer, Austin, TX

Hi Chris. I was searching for a program to genuinely help me get a job.  I was so frustrated.  I came across your website and the money back guarantee you offered suggested to me that you believed in what you were offering & not just interested in selling your e-book. Anyway, I made the purchase on the basis that I’d give it a try and if it wasn’t any good I’d ask for my money back. Before I started with the program I had been applying for jobs online for months.  After 3 weeks I got four interviews and two job offers!  I was amazed.

I not only got a job but in this economy, I got a job that paid me 20% more than my previous employer.  My mood is definitely better too.  Family and friends that haven’t seen me in weeks can’t believe how much happier and easy going I am now. I’m really glad that I bought your e-book and stuck to the program. I’m still amazed at how much I didn’t know changed about finding and getting jobs today.  I’m very grateful for what you’ve shown me. Thank you for all the advice and words of motivation. This entire experience is far more than what I was expecting for my money!  *

Scott P.Sr. Business Analyst, Denver, CO

I was having those moments when I thought ‘when is this ever going to break for me’ and was going to give up.  I found your product online and it’s really given me hope and made me realize that I can change my destiny if I have the right tools.  I have the right tools now.  Thanks everyone!*

Carl T.Bank Manager, Salem, OR

I was running out of unemployment benefits as well as options.  New Rules of Employment is a real blessing.  I’m a college educated professional but was having real difficulty breaking through.  Your system really educated me on what’s changed in the last 10 years.  I recently got hired and I’m writing today to thank you for that.  You don’t know how much I appreciate the help and education.*

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Brian D.Technical writer, Berkeley, CA

The New Rules of Employment is the best! I have been looking for a job for several months with no luck.  I found your site online, downloaded the course, put it to use and I got a job on my third interview.  This was, by far, the most important information I’ve learned this year.*

Katie D.Culinary service worker, Hanover, NH

The New Rules of Employment has given me the ability to organize so well that my job search/interview list has grown exponentially. I am a better candidate now and have finally gotten interviews and two offers!  Finally.*

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Ed R.Payroll Supervisor, Seattle, WA

A few weeks ago, I downloaded The New Rules of Employment just to take a look around. I was immediately impressed with the strategies and techniques. But I have to admit, until I really started using the product, I didn’t realize just how much I really needed this information Needless to say, I’ve been converted and will be using it to manage my career trajectory going forward – continued success and good luck.*

Vivian M.Interpreter, San Antonio, TX

I’ve sent your website to all my friends.  They’re all struggling in this job market but it’s saved my life and helped me feed my kids.*

Ivan C.Restaurant manager, Fort Collins, CO

In this new day and age, there’s no way to get a job without it.  Honestly.  The employer-employee pact is a thing of the past and job security is over. It’s hard to really know what employers are looking for plus, as you guys say, the rules HAVE changed.  Thanks for showing me the way!*

Fred G.Marketing manager, Las Vegas, NV

I never knew how out of touch I was with how to get a job in this era until I needed to get a job.  I was laid off from a very large company.  Hurt me bad financially and personally.  I’m 54 years old and thought my career was over.  The New Rules of Employment  proved to me that new tactics and strategy = new career possibilities.  I landed a job in just under two months.  I feel so good.  Thank you very much.*

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