– A True Love Story


Hi, my name is David Perry and I’d like to take a few moments tell you the story behind because it’s important to those of us who have worked hard to bring the site to you.

In 2006 my best friend Kevin Watson got laid off. Again!  

Kevin was in high tech – so obviously it wasn’t his first time.  But it was a particularly bad time to get laid-off.  High-tech unemployment was running at about 65%.  The two major tech companies in town had tanked in rapid succession a few years earlier and took most of the supporting businesses with them.  There were so many talented people looking for work, that employers actually stopped advertising because they were being crushed under the volume of resumes they were receiving.  The city was under duress as job hunters fought each other for leads.

In the middle of this chaos Kevin decided to create an application that would bring job leads to him.  He had invented a job aggregator way back in 1998 – long before or  As Kevin would write in Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0:


“My wife and I needed to find jobs fast. Traditional jobs boards where slow and we found most of our evenings spent surfing Monster. With these tough times we needed an easier approach.  So, my wife Natalie said “why don’t you have the jobs e-mailed to you?” And so I did what any loving husband would do…. I built Nat a “job alert engine” to search news groups, corporate web sites, and government agencies for new jobs.”


Nat’s job alert engine became,  after the two of them found good jobs.  But for Kevin, creating the job alert system wasn’t enough because almost as soon as they started using the job alert engine managing the volume of opportunities coming their way became a major headache.  Turned out Kevin had the job alert system so well tuned, that he was getting near real time updates on, not just jobs, but events that trigger growth for companies and it a resulted in a lot of interviews.  How many?  Too many to track on an excel spread sheet for sure.  Managing his job search became the problem Kevin wanted to solve next.

So you might be wondering how many interviews did Kevin get in a town with 65% unemployment?  He had 35 initial interviews, 28 call backs and 24 offers over seven to eight week period.  Getting offers turned out to not be a problem for Kevin because he was pioneering some new guerrilla tactics I had developed in my lab…  No getting the offers wasn’t an issue.  What was? Surprisingly, keeping track of all the interviews and his notes.  That was a nightmare.  So, to bring some order to all of this chaos Kevin created a very simple contact management system to track the jobs he was interviewing for, as well as which resume and cover letter he had used for each.

After finally accepting an offer and settling in to his new role, the two of us continued to build on the idea of a CRM (contact management system) for job hunters. I designed it on paper and Kevin build it.  That system was designed to allowed job seekers to completely manage their job search from start-to-finish using one online platform.   Sadly, Kevin would never see  or its sister site go live.

Tragedy struck July 1st 2012.   While camping with his son and daughter, Kevin succumbed to a heart attack.   At Kevin’s wake, his brother Dave Watson, and I decide to finish the site as our memorial to Kevin.  I  mean we thought we were days away from unveiling it – and boy was it fantastic. Nothing had been built like this for job hunters and we were confident the site was now finally finished – Kevin had said it was to me the morning of the 1st before he headed out.  We had one glitch he had found and fixed and it was ready to go.  Sadly, as is all too often the case with entrepreneurs things are not always written down the way they should be and Kevin hadn’t left the passwords anywhere that someone could find them in the event of an emergency.

So Kevin’s older brother Dave Watson and I decided to resuscitate NatsJobs.  I had the original design and all the IP from the Guerrilla Job Search Boot-camps and Dave is a software technical leader.   So, here we are nearly 6 years later.  Dave Watosn has  expanded the original project tremendously to include the Guerrilla Boot Camp Course material that has had a 98.1% success rate for the past 7 years with the Instructor lead course. He’s  translated the course material to a web based platform he wrote from scratch until, as luck would have it,  Dave was laid off from his position as a senior software developer at a local high tech firm in Aug/2016 and decided to make and a priority for a very simple reason.

Dave’s an older tech worker, so finding new employment would be more difficult in the high tech sector but he knew using the Guerrilla  tactics,  not impossible. He was fed up with the current outplacement systems that still rely mostly on “networking” with unpredictable results – He wanted a solution that was quick, reliable, predictable, repeatable and inexpensive.  As Dave’s wife Nancy put it:

“You were meant to make this project happen –  someone upstairs has just pointed you in the right direction”. and go way beyond what Kevin and I had imagined.  NatsJobs is an aggregator and it works seamlessly with which incorporates the key concepts Kevin and I both dreamed of. is that one-stop-shop for job hunting and career management.  The one job boards and social networking sites never bothered to build because selling job ads was their priority instead of helping job hunters.  Dave has designed a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system to help you keep track of your contacts, leads and interviews. The platform is also integrated with a Content Management System (CMS) to deliver the guerrilla job search content which rests over top of an Education Information Management System (EIMS) which monitors  and manages your progress in the program.

So, thank you for reading this long message.  It’s important to Dave and I that you know why the two programs exists and hopefully appreciate the effort and care we put in to bring this to you and honoring Kevin’s memory.  It’s been a long journey for us.   Personally I think Kevin would be proud.  He had a big heart.  He was a brilliant engineer, a loving father and devoted husband.  And a great friend.  This is his legacy.  Use it well.

Now, go be successful!