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There’s a reason it’s hard to get a job today. And it’s not your fault.

Nobody teaches you how to get a job.  You’re sort of thrust into it and typically, it’s not something you look forward to doing. The reality is this: the old school rules of applying online to job boards and using “traditional” resumes and cover letters simply don’t work anymore.

It’s 2018 – and hiring managers, HR departments and recruiters have changed how and where they hire which means your approach must also change.

Here’s What Our Graduates Say …

“Guerrilla Job Search Warfare Is Unconventional Warfare”

The Guerrilla job Seekers boot camp’s no walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. The camp is at least a 40 hour per week job. If you enroll in the job seeker boot camp and you want to golf 36 holes of golf per week,  you won‘t be able to keep up with your class work. The same holds true for those with a busy social life or have an un-supportlve significant other...

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